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Welcome to Eufloria Market

Welcome to Eufloria Market


Welcome to the Eufloria Market blog: a bi-monthly blog that features all things cannabis. 

In this publication, you can expect to read about our newest product offerings, in-depth conversations with local artists and designers, information on upcoming events, recaps of our latest collaborations, and much more. We’ll cover a wide range of flower-based topics and share our industry knowledge with you. 

So, who is Eufloria Market? [YOU-Floor-ee-AH] (Come on, you know how to pronounce ‘Market’)

We’re a weed-brand that cares about what you smoke and how you smoke it. This is why we source the highest quality cannabis products and weed accessories and bring them to you, to make sure that you enjoy your high from beginning to end. 

How often will we post? 

Blog posts will be published twice a month and you'll get the latest market updates, along with information on past and upcoming events.

But what are you reeeally going to write about?

We’ll cover topics that offer a deeper look into our community, our products, and our favorite collaborations along with helpful tips on how to live a clean and healthy cannabis-filled life. These topics include:

  • An in-depth look at our favorite collaborations with local artists, creatives, and designers who work both within (and outside) of the cannabis  industry

  • Product HIGHlights featuring new and exciting Eufloria Market products (and some of out old favorites, too)

  • Extensive interviews with our co-founders, collaborators, and industry partners

  • A few of our tastiest (and easiest) recipes you can bake at home for when you’re feeling really munchie

  • A complete guide on how to clean your pipe (and take care of all your other weed accessories)

  • The perfect cannabis gift ideas (for that very special someone)

  • THC and pets: What works and what doesn’t, and oh so much more. (Come on, we gotta keep a few surprises up our sleeves).

We’ll also take a deeper look at our favorite plants­–from carnivorous and cacti to coral and coconut. And of course, we’ll cover hemp. Lots and lots of hemp. 

Lastly, we’ll sit down with our favorite Miami floral designer to learn about her process, her journey in the floral industry, and discuss all things flower. Because, well, we are in the flower business 

If you like what you’ve read so far and are interested in learning more, feel free to subscribe and leave a comment telling us what you want to see from us. Because in the end, we created this platform to raise awareness of the benefits of weed and (most importantly) to connect with our community–and that means YOU.

So, comment, like, share, and subscribe. Do all the things! And don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, we picked them just for you 


With love,

 Eufloria Market

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