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Beat the Heat this Summer with Weed

Beat the Heat this Summer with Eufloria Market

If you’ve gone outside in the past… hour, you’re all too familiar with the unpleasant, uncalled-for, and downright debilitating heat. The heat that has you schvitzing before you’ve even stepped out of the door. The heat that says, “Oh, you wanted to wear make-up? NOT TODAY.” The heat that brings your sweat ‘stache to a whole new level (you’ve begun investing in handkerchiefs).

Well fam, you can throw that hideous handkerchief away and pull out your favorite flower instead because we have exciting news:

Cannabis lowers your body temperature. Yeah, you read that right. Some cannabinoids can actually lower your body temperature.

So, how does it work?

Like drinking a hot beverage on a hot day cools you down, cannabis activates receptors on your tongue that detect heat. Once activated, these receptors send a signal to the rest of your body that it’s time to cool down, lowering your body temperature and providing much-needed relief.

That’s why, this year we’ve put together a list of Eufloria’s Summer Essentials to help you beat the heat this summer with your favorite cannabis accessories:

  1. Eufloria Market Medtainer. This discrete, smell-proof grinder and container helps you responsibly store your flower and keep it out of the sun and away from the heat.
  2. Eufloria Market Dad Hat. Catch some shade and stay cool under our classic Eufloria dad hat (but don’t forget your sunscreen!)
  3. Eufloria Market 510 Vape Battery. Use less heat by switching from cones to your favorite vape (and vape battery).
  4. Sessions Stash Jar. Store your herb and keep it fresh in this air-tight, compact stash jar with room for all your accessories.
  5. Cool off with some of our favorite CBD soft drinks and caffeinated beverages from Leisuretown, Mama’s Infused Drinks, Cann, Recess, and Jibby.

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